Bike Repairs, Services and Maintenance

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You love your bike, we feel the same

At Cognition Cycles, our service centre is equipped with the right tools and expert mechanics to keep your bike running at its very best.

When you bring in your bike, our experienced staff will take the time to assess and discuss your repairs.

You can check out our range of service packages below for an overview of what we can offer. Additionally, we can customise your servicing needs with small or larger jobs as required.


Service Offerings Explained

 Pit Stop Service
Standard Service
Complete Overhaul
A basic service to keep your well maintained bike running smoothly. Ideal for the bike with a recent service history and/or being ridden less than once a week.
This service provides some more TLC in order to keep your bike running at its best. Ideal for the person who rides a couple of times a week, or for the bike that may have been neglected with its maintenance schedule.
The highest level of care for your beloved pushy. For the die-hard commuters, mountain bikers and roadies.
  • Check and adjust brakes
  • Adjust gears (front and rear)
  • Lubricate chain
  • Inflate tyres
  • Check and tighten all bolts
  • Check the drivetrain for wearing
  • Check and adjust the headset
  • All features of Pit Stop
  • Check bottom bracket
  • Lubricate brake and gear cables
  • Clean drivetrain and lubricate
  • Check and adjust wheel bearings
  • Clean brake surface & check brake pads
  • Check and true wheels
  • Wipe over bike
  • All features of Standard Service
  • Bottom bracket serviced
  • Hubs/freewheel body service
  • Headset service
  • Remove drive train/derailleurs and clean.


At Cognition Cycles, we believe everyone should have a safe and enjoyable riding experience. Keeping your bicycle maintained will ensure your safety, while maximising the longevity and performance of your components.

To get you started, you will receive 12 months free servicing* with the purchase of every new bike from us.


To ensure the safe and smooth operation of your new bike, your first free service needs to be undertaken within 3 months from the date of purchase.

All bikes go through a normal wear-in period and it is necessary to adjust cable tension and check the tightness of bolts during this time. Please contact us to book in your bike for this important and free service.

*Parts and labour are not included in the free service. Service charges do not include the cost of additional parts and/or labour/fitting charges to fit parts.